Dr Louis J Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 when he found the role of Nitric Oxide in our bodies. We make it from an Amino Acid and it has the effect of relaxing our arteries. This causes our blood pressure to lower. Ever sit and realize your muscles are tensed. Consciously we can relax them. Stress has this effect on us. It also causes our arteries to constrict and raise our blood pressure. Dr. Dean Ornish, MD in his book, The Spectrum, says his diet, exercise and meditation program has lowered blood pressure in many people. He says that eating more vegetables causes our bodies to produce Nitric Oxide which in turn relaxes our arteries and lowers our blood pressure. Dark Chocolate does the same through flavonols which are converted to nitric oxide.  We are beginning to understand how outside elements like fruits, vegetables and dark chocolate affect our cell’s epigenetics which make nitric oxide and helps lower our blood pressure. Did early man know this? No, they just ate a lot of fruits and vegetables and our body’s chemistry evolved around that. What messages are you sending to your cells?