Some specialist doctors are scheduling their Medicare patients twice a year instead of quarterly as they would like. It is either this or go out of business. As our country continues down a path of being sicker and needing more hospitals and medical centers, we are faced with a question “Can we afford this?” The answer if not today, will be in the near future “NO!”

What is the only solution that no one is looking at? We must get America healthier. We must get people to realize that eating unhealthy is costing them money and years off their lives. Years lost with their children and grandchildren. Stop – Look at your current diet – start making changes that will make you healthy. Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat organic, minimize what you eat in a box or can, cut sugars and salts from your diet. You can do it and it will pay off in the long run. The alternative is a country that has a totally broken health care system where people are getting sicker and have nowhere to turn to. How scary is that?