The November 8, 2010 issue of Newsweek had an article on epigenetics titled “Sins of the Grandfathers.” It basically said that scientists have found that parents that have bad nutritional habits can pass the changed epigenetic markers in their egg & sperm to their sons and daughters and to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The article seems to say we have no control over our ancestor’s sins. I don’t believe that. After all the parents changed their epigenetics by diet or environment. That is what changed the markers to begin with. The offspring can change them back. It may be more complex than simply not eating high fat diets like their parents did. It may be we have to eat other things like plant-based foods to reset these markers back to normal. Nutrigenomics will show this as it progresses. This article also stated that the cost of doing a DNA test for epigenetic markers was around $10,000 at the time the article was published but it was dropping rapidly. We have to be careful not to view this as a life sentence but as a condition we can change. We don’t need to wait for epigenetics to map each healthy plant-based food to an epigenetic trigger either. We can simply increase the amount of healthy food we consume and cut back on the unhealthy stuff. After all we ALL know what is healthy and what is not. Eat well and enjoy it!