The science of epigenetics has two parts:

1) Understanding the methylation process down – studying the types of methylation and understanding which genes are turned ON/OFF. Then associating that gene with a disease or disorder. This is an important step in finding how triggering our genes affects us as humans.

2) Looking upward from methylation to better understand which external environment signals caused it. Was it caused by diet, stress, toxins, or some other environmental influence. This is critical to solving the problem of disease and illness.

Most of the scientific studies I have read are focused on the first and look to build a drug to trigger the gene. The second has the promise of curing the illness by changing our environment. There is a real danger in building drugs that trigger epigenetic responses. The system is vastly complex and probably is based on a series or group of epigenetic triggers. The second above, gets at the heart of what is wrong with our society and has a free solution that involves only our free will.

I urge the scientists to look both ways and try to really solve the puzzle from cause to effect. Nutrigenomics is doing this and I applaud all the scientists involved in that study. What do you think?