Yesterday’s BLOG was about the relationship between dogs and humans and how dogs have adapted to attract us and read our emotions. Could it be that aggressive and angry humans, like wolves, change their appearance to look more aggressive and act more hostile? Can epigenetics be adapting us to who we feel we are? If we feel we are aggressive we look the part. On the other hand if we feel loving we adapt to look that part as well.

 If we are in a society of aggressive and hostile people, we want to look the part or we will be singled out. If we can make others feel we are more aggressive, they will tend to leave us along. It is a survival instinct built deep into our genetics and activated by epigenetics. If we are in a more loving and nurturing society, we want to be non-aggressive or again we will be singled out as “bad” and dealt with. Again our survival depends on fitting into the environment we find ourselves living in. It is amazing that epigenetics is such a powerful force that it can change who we are to fit a social environment. What switches are your epigenetics throwing?