The other night I was watching the Science Channel and it was a story on the special relationship between dogs and man. They believe dogs evolved from wolves but are totally different looking and temperament than a wolf today. Somehow they were domesticated. A russian team did an experiment trying to domesticate wolves from birth. In a few generations they were domesticated. What was incredible was their look changed as well. Their fur became lighter, their skull bigger, their snout shorter. They had a mild temperament as opposed to an angry wild one. Did this happen because their thinking was changed? Did their change in thought change their physical appearance? Was epigenetics at play here. If we are wild do we tend to change outwardly to appear more ferocious? Epigenetics seems to be able to change us to suit the environment we find ourselves in. When the wolf needed to hunt it was wild. It looked mean. As it domesticated it became more loving to humans. It’s appearance changed to attract us.

In this same segment, the domesticated dogs became able to read human emotions. In a study of dogs that looks at what they are focused on, showed they looked at the left side of our faces and left eye. The left side of a human face shows the emotion the human is feeling. the right side does not. Experiments were done showing dogs can successfully read our intent by reading our emotions. They will stay away from or show a harsher face to humans that may do them harm while be loving and wag their tails at humans that present no emotional harm to them.

Epigenetics is very complex and at work in every living organism on Earth. We are indeed much more complex than we ever thought. Our power to react to change is far more amazing than anyone knew.