Anne Hart wrote “How to Talk About Smart Foods”. She defines Genomics as a branch of genetics that researches genomes. “Nutrigenomics studies the relationships and interactions between nutrition and genomics. Epigenetics and nutrigenomics work together to help find the smart foods that are healthier for your body so that you can tailor healthier foods to your body’s metabolic and genetic type.” She also defines Smart Foods as “Smart foods are foods you select that work healthier with your individual genetic signature, genetic expression, and body type that is the metabolic and molecular way your body is put together that you inherited. The science is in its infancy. Smart foods include most plant-based foods and certain fish or seafood-derived oils, green tea, and some plant-based food extracts and monounsaturated oils.” We have spoken about nutrigenomics a lot in this BLOG. Each time I search for more information, I keep finding references to plant-based foods as being good for you. Smart foods, essential needed for a healthy life and well-being. I guess my grandmother and mother were right. “Eat Your Vegetables”. It is that simple, eat more fruit and vegetables. They will make a difference. We see our society eating less and less plant-based foods and at the same time disease is rampant, health care is breaking down and we are building more and more hospitals. This is not the answer nor is a magic pill. Do your self a favor; adjust your diet to include mostly plant-based foods. Experiment with different types. Experiment with different ways of cooking them. Enjoy eating and enjoy your health and life.