Brooke Autowski wrote Health and Wellness – How environment affects genes on the epigenetic effects on us. Scientists have long wondered how two identical twins raised in the same environment could exhibit such different results in terms of health, intelligence and behavior. Although the genetic base is identical, the epigenetic triggers are far different. They began to see that there is truly a combination of nature and nurture at work here.

The environment has a drastic effect on our cells. Autowski says “DNA methylation is the mechanism by which cells change form or function and then transmit that form of function to future cells.” She says that DNA errors in copying can result in problems such as cancer but more often it is changes in methylation that affect future generations of cells. These changes cause aging, cancer, disease, and mental problems. Methylation is a result of environmental changes including diet. Remember our diet is an external influence on our cells. What we eat sends messages to the cells to change methylation. The result can be evolution or disease.