Plant based foods (fruits & vegetables) have many protective and beneficial substances. Some researchers estimate that there are at least 100,000 of these substances. It may be that the substance is not important but the interactions between various substances are. This is not unlike a computer. If we look at individual instructions, they are not so important or telling as to how they are used but if we look at combinations of these instructions (programs) they do vastly different things. From a relatively small number of instructions we have all the fabulous programs on the market today from business to leisure and travel. They all use the same subset of instructions but it is the combinations that are different. Our bodies may be programmed in a similar way.

Scientists were bothered when they discovered we only had 20,000 to 25,000 genes. How could that few instructions be responsible for building and maintaining a human being? But it doesn’t take a lot of instructions only a combination to create a vast difference in programming. The more we exam the workings of the inner cell, the more we see similarities with modern computers. At least nature doesn’t cause us to re-boot occasionally!