EpiGaia is a project in  epigenetic nutrition. It looks at our DNA roots and how little has changed in 50,000 (we are 99.9% the same as we were then). It also looks at how drastically food has changed since then. They have shown that when our bodies are given the proper nutrients we:

  1. Age more slowly
  2. Experience a higher quality of life
  3. Suffer less with unhealthy conditions
  4. Think more clearly
  5. Feel less stressed

We have a fast growing society to feed and new techniques were need to feed so many people. These techniques took out some of the healthy beneficial properties of food like fiber and vitamins. Farmers began reusing the soil in ways that robbed our foods of nutrients. We are a part of the modern age like it or not. We can change how eating habits to improve our health. You can not look at this as a chore or as a diet because if you do it won’t work for long. Instead think of your loved ones. Wouldn’t you like to be around to spend more time with them? Wouldn’t you like to spend that time in a good state of health? Use these positive factors to slowly change your life’s eating habits to a more healthy one.

I have mentioned Dr. Ornish’s book, “The Spectrum”, and how it helps you slowly make life altering changes. Look to yoga and meditation to lower your stress levels. Spend more time with family and friends. Enjoy your neighbors more. Treat people you meet on the street with respect and friendliness. Make love more. In other words do your modern life things but enjoy life more the way our ancestors did 50,000 years ago.

Remember it’s not about death, we are all going to die! It’s about the quality of your life the last 10 or 20 years of your life. Think of this as an insurance policy that will help you live healthier and happier as you age. As Americans we think of old age as being sick, mentally ill and sad but age doesn’t imply any of these things. You can age healthy and happy. Remember my example of an automobile? You can treat it right and it will last a life time or you can abuse it and it will conk out in no time at all. Our bodies are similar. Treat them right and they will work well and last you a life time. Treat them poorly and you may not be around very long at all. The choice is yours! You must decide.

Think of our lives as accounts like a retirement account. You must make deposits all through your life or you will run out in old age. Retirement accounts the savings is in money. Health accounts the savings is in healthy habits. Are you saving or borrowing?