Dr Ben Balzer, who wrote “the Paleolithic Diet”, says there are tribes of humans left on Earth that are the last 84 tribes of hunter gathers left. They are all slim, faster than us and suffer none of our modern chronic disease. Their diets are not much different from our ancestors. Diet is a critical factor in who we are. Feeding your car bad fuels or giving it dirty oils will lower its lifetime expectancy.  It will suffer from a vast variety of problems until it finally fails all together. Changing your oil filter but continuing to use bad oil does nothing. The new filter gets clogged quicker and fails. This is like getting a new heart or by-pass surgery but keeping the same old diet. The new heart gets clogged quicker and fails again.

The proof is out there! How different are you from our ancestors? Don’t ask “Why me, when you get sick?” You know why. Change while you can.