As human’s we all have 99.9% the same DNA. It is in that very little difference that the CSI’s of the world make a DNA match. There is really very little difference between us. Moreover, our DNA hasn’t changed much in the last 50,000 years. What has changed then? Our epigenetics! Epigenetics is the system of which genes are turned ON/OFF and in which order. We can look at a musical instrument like a piano, and say all pianos are basically the same. They have the same keys and pedals. The same strings that vibrate and make music. Potentially they are all the same but each is played very differently depending on the person playing them. Our genes are similar. They are potentially the same but each of us is very different from the next person. Our genes are played very differently by our epigenetics. Epigenetics controls everything from what makes a blood cell unique from other cells in our body, to our hair and eye color and to what our bodies find nutritional in what we eat. Diseases are the manifestation of our body’s inability to deal with the rapid changes of modern life. Stress, diet, negative thinking, lack of exercise and physical environment have all changed since early man’s day but our genes have not changed by much. The good news is we can choose to live more like early man without giving up our modern environment. We can learn to eat better, meditate to lower stress, join life groups to feel better about ourselves and think more positive and live in locations that are environmentally better for us. This choice is ours to make. The payoff is better health, mental feeling and well-being.

Modern drugs do NOT deliver a promise of a cure. They may extend life slightly but at what terrible cost? Our quality of life is not improving. For most Americans it degrades rapidly with age. It doesn’t have to be that way! The consequence of not improving our way of life is higher rates of disease and chronic illnesses, aging faster, lower sexual ability and poorer mental outlook. Is this a way to live? The choice is yours, make it wisely!