As researchers waded deeper into the study of human genes, the genetic coding of a malignant cell often turned out to be, by all appearances, normal. So what would make a cell with no mutations go so horribly awry? The problem wasn’t necessarily with the genes themselves. There had to be something else. Genes are all good! They evolved for a reason. What is good is which genes are enabled and which are disabled at a particular time. It may actually be even more complex. It may matter which group of genes are enabled or disabled. This is like a network built by our body’s reactions to diet, exercise and the physical world around us.

Just like in computers there aren’t good or bad programs that we have loaded but some programs can do damage if run at the wrong time. Corporations have schedules of programs that have to run in a particular order or errors will occur. Computers, at least those we currently have, are not very intelligent. Our cells and the genes and mechanisms that control them are very intelligent. Transactional computers are influenced by data. Data can make programs do different things. The computer is reacting to the data that is presented to it. Bad data can cause a computer program to fail or go amuck! Our genes are no different.