Why do we accept a health system that doesn’t work? Drug companies are making billions and people are getting more and more sick! There hasn’t been a cure since polio. If anyone believes we will have a cure for AIDS or Cancer or Diabetes, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Drugs aren’t curing, they simply mask the symptoms so we live longer and buy more drugs. Living longer is a good thing if we have quality of life. Living longer is a bad thing if the quality of life is poor. Think about it, there is no incentive to cure anything! Curing cancer would bring a stop to cancer drug revenue and hurt the drug companies bottom line. Same with diet companies! There is no incentive to have a system that really helps you lose weight and keep it off. The diet companies would go out of business (a very profitable business).

Do your research and you will find that plant-based foods are our real medicines. They have worked since the beginning of time. So even if you enjoy your meat, try to eat more vegetables. They contain great antioxidants and will help you maintain health and quality of life. If you hate the taste of vegetables, try preparing them differently. Don’t over cook them. Try different cuisines recipes to prepare them until you find something you like. Eat a variety of vegetables & fruits. No single one will do the total job. Eat – enjoy – and live happily!