I was having a discussion last night about how difficult eating right is. It would seem we read studies about a type of food that is good then one that is bad. Like the movie “It’s Complicated.” Food is very complex with lots of different proteins, minerals, etc. Each interact with us in ways we don’t fully understand. It’s a very complex model. All we really need to ask is one simple question: “Did cave man eat it?” Food was much simpler then. There were no processed foods. There wasn’t lots of fillers being added. Food was the way nature made it.

Anthropologists find that early man ate lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts with a little meat when they could find it. Plant based foods are a very strong anti-toxin source. Search any disease and look at what is recommended after you have it. Eat more of a certain type of fruits and vegetables. Why not start before you have the disease? We evolved along with the plants. They provided us with all the medicine we needed. Today most Americans eat so few plant-based products and the ones they do eat are not fresh or organic. We have changed our food source drastically. Stopped eating our natural medicines and nourishment and wonder why so many of us are getting sick.

Do yourself a favor. Start by looking at what’s on your pantry shelf. Minimize boxes, cans and packages. Then go to the freezer and minimize frozen foods. Start eating more fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables just like our healthy ancestors ate. Yes we live in a different world. We don’t have time. We need to prepare things quickly. Cooking well doesn’t mean it takes a long time at the stove. Change your eating style and enjoy health, energy and well-being.