We have been discussing epigenetics and it’s influences on our bodies and minds. Here are some common things epigenetics does:

  • we are made up of many different types of cells. Blood, muscle, heart, neurons, etc. But even thow they do drastically different things, their DNA is identical. It is epigenetics that turns ON/OFF genes causing a cell to do different functions. Stem cells don’t have the cell differentiation epigenetics marked yet.
  • diseases like cancers, intellectual disabilities, obesity, and many more
  • genetic disorders
  • pediatric syndromes
  • contributing factors in autoimmune diseases and
  • aging

Epigenetics and human disease: translating basic biology into clinical applications also see this article on Epigenetic Influences and Disease

It would seem epigenetics controls most of what goes right or wrong with us not our DNA. It is critical over the next several years to better understand which influences turns ON/OFF which genes. Knowing this will give us a cookbook of recipes for intelligence, better aging, less disease and better mental attitude.