We tend to think of ourselves as individuals separate from everyone else. We compete, we fight, we love but we are really alone. In reality we are made up of a very large community of cells (estimated at 100 trillion cells). Each cell is a living thing capable of taking in food, excreting waste and reproducing. They also communicate internally and externally with other cells through epigenetics. Cells can produce proteins that trigger a gene or a set of genes to turn ON/OFF. They can also send proteins out of the cell that trigger epigenetic reactions in other cells. Our body’s function work this way. When sugar levels are low the brain turns ON cells that cause the stomach to cramp giving us the sensation of hunger. After we eat sugar levels rise and these communications lesson and stop indicating we are full.

There are about 6.2 to 6.8 billion humans on Earth. There are maybe 100 trillion animals on Earth. So there are far more cells in each of us communicating away than there are humans on Earth. There about the same number of cells in each of us as there are animals (including humans) on Earth. Think about that a minute. Each of us is like a mini Earth. All of a sudden I see us as far more complex than I ever realized. This complexity is built and controlled by the combination of epigenetics “playing” our DNA genes. Some of us are playing beautiful music and others are just making noise. The good news is although our epigenetics and DNA are inherited from our parents and probably our grandparents; we can change our epigenetics but not our genetics.

This really gives us a concept of “free will”. Each of us has the power to change our diet, to change our thoughts and to change our environment to make out well-being and health better. It’s not about dying but about how we live. Knowing this … How will you live?