We not only eat wrong we are thrust into negative situations (in our workplace and in our relationships) that affect our mental demeanor. We live in a PILL society. Take a pill for anything and everything. The problem is the pills don’t really work. If they did we would be getting healthier as a society not sicker. I often say to my mom, it is not about dying, we are all going to die someday. It’s about how we live the last 10 or 20 years of our life that really counts. This is our quality of life. Our society with its pills is causing us to live a little longer with our diseases but our quality of life is poor.

Americans want a quick fix for everything. Take a pill to fix all your ailments, go on a diet or take a pill to lose weight. Take a pill to feel happier. The problem is that these actions are fixing nothing. We are getting fatter, feeling more depressed and getting sicker. The only thing that these actions do is to make certain individuals and corporations very wealthy.

We are sure you know someone who is sick, unhappy or obese. What have they done about it? How long have they been doing it? Are they getting better? The answers to these questions in 99% of the cases are:

     What have they done about it?

  1. Sick – They are seeing more and more doctors and taking more and more pills but the illness is still there. Nothing is changing.
  2. Unhappy – They are seeing a psychiatrist and maybe taking pills but never really feel great
  3. Obese – They have been on one diet or another, have taken pills and maybe even operations to cut out the fat.

       How long have they been doing it?

  1. Sick – They got the disease and have been fighting it in some cases for years. Most people eventually die of a serious chronic illness.
  2. Unhappy – They have been seeing a Psychiatrist for years and have been on medication for as long but they still feel depressed.
  3. Obese – For some people they have been fighting obesity all their lives.

      Are they getting better?

  1. In all cases NO!

How can we say we are improving? Is this any way to live? Can we do anything about it? We believe the answer is yes and our ancestors knew it all along. Eat healthy and feel good and be healthy. Don’t let stress be a constant attack on our bodies. Find ways to relieve the stress through meditation and exercise.

What is amazing  is that most scientists who write on epigenetics predict new epigenetic drugs in the future. Why not predict that we will find the true cause of illness like food and thought and help people change it. We as a society are so pill driven we can’t think any other way.