As we look closer at epigenetics and the proteins the affect it, we see a well placed software system. I can think of many examples of intelligence controlling a machine to create good or bad outputs.

Computers have hardware that is at the basis of what they do. looking at the hardware instructions is not very impressive. It is a series of math functions like add & subtract, logic functions like AND or NAND, Compare and move functions. It is really the software that takes these low-level instructions and creates something like an accounting program, a music generator, a photo editor, etc. Most programs are big loops that read data or transactions and performs operations on each until they are finished. Insurance and banking programs are like this.

Now let’s look at our bodies! Our hardware is DNA. Like computer hardware, it is not very impressive. Our DNA simply manufactures different types of proteins. How can this create a human and do all the body functions that make us up? Epigenetics is our software that controls or “plays” our DNA. The epigenetics are far more sophisticated and controls the DNA to do its bidding. We also know that proteins in our body (from foods or from our brains) interact with each cell wall. This interaction is similar to data in a computer. The cell processes the interaction by causing an epigenetic reaction. This reaction then activates one or more genes that do something.

Computers can do good or bad things depending on the programming. Our bodies are similar. They can have positive or negative epigenetic reactions to environment stimuli. How are you programmed? What data are you sending your cells?