Genes play a big role in how our body relates to the external world it finds itself in. Epigenetics is what interfaces the external world to our genes. It literally turns ON/OFF specific genes based on external influences. One of the many influences that affects epigenetics is diet. Nutrition has always been an import subject for our health and well-being. Today we have a relatively new field of Nutrigenomics which is the study of relationships and interactions between nutrition and genomics.

Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics work together to determine which foods and food groups are healthy for us and will improve our way of life. These foods may differ based on our genomic type. If this is true, we might be able to tailor a specific diet for you based on your genomic type. Hopefully we will not use this knowledge only to build new drugs. First we should try to cure illness were we can. The key is epigenetics and the data used by epigenetics is diet.

Eleven years ago Dr. D’Adamo also published Eat Right 4 Your Type and later, Cook Right 4 Your Type and now offers The Genotype Diet (and an online) store . If you plan to have children, you must consider dining for your descendants.

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